Anupama Kundoo at Louisiana

Anupama Kundoo – Taking Time, which is running at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art at the moment, is the fourth exhibition in the Architect’s Studio series. Taking Time illustrates Kundoo’s belief that spending more time on thinking, research, knowledge sharing and building endows architects with a deeper understanding of context, materiality, function and sustainability. Kundoo has a studio in Berlin, has taught at universities in a number of countries and one of her current posts is as professor at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Just after she graduated, Kundoo moved to the experimental town of Auroville in south-east India. She has worked on several buildings there with local artisans, and this has been a major influence on her architecture. Her own home, Wall House, is built entirely with local materials, including brick, and without the use of machines.

Petersen Tegl, which has worked with Kundoo for several years, provided the bricks for the workshop ’Thinking Brick’, which she led at Krabbesholm in Denmark last year. It was attended by 40 Krabbesholm students and 20 from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Kundoo recently took part in the competition to design a new guest house for Krabbesholm, which has not yet been built. Her design involved the use of Kolumba bricks. A description of both the project and the brick are on view as part of the exhibition at Louisiana until 31 January 2021.